Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fotos Incesto Gay Penises

sexual fiction healthin "Nice sexypanties. You can'ttell me youdon't want this.Only a slutwould wear pantieslike that tomeet someone forthe first time.You a slutdarlin?"

"Ah...yeah," Timreplied.

I tooka nice longshower to freshenup and maybegot a littlecarried away withwashing my pussy.I was amusedhow effortlessly mysoap bar slippedbetween the lipsof my vulvawithout that tangleof pubic hairin the way.In making surethat it wasperfectly clean andsweet smelling, somehowmy soap barbecame lodged upinside my vaginafor a while.Lots of hotwater sprayed upin there withmy hand-held showerhead as wellas some naughtythoughts about beingcaught in thispredicament, eventually foamedit up enoughto squeeze itout with somefancy vulva contractions.I meticulously rinsedmy entire bodywith the shower'sspray nozzle. Itsent shivers upmy abdomen wheneverthe hot spraytingled against mybare pubes.

Shestarted pointing outpeople in thepicture and theirconnection to herlife. Kara movedfrom person toperson, until shepointed out afigure at thecorner of thepicture.

She said,"Just dump yoursuitcase wherever youlike. Would youlike a drink?"

I let Helenmake all thearrangements. The weeksto our honeymoontrip passed quickly.We drove downto Niagara Falls.The trunk wasfilled to overflowingwith our luggage.Helen and Eileensat in theback and talkedwhile I drove.

There wasn't muchto say afterthat! We kindof giggled, kissedagain, and Ileft. I haveno idea ifI'll ever hearfrom him again,but you canbe sure thatif I do,we will DEFINITELYbe fucking soon!

He grabbedone of thelarge penis shapedvibrators off theother side ofthe bed andbegan to workit inside mypussy, it wentin with noproblem because Iwas so wet.When it wasall of theway in heput his cockback into myass, now Iwas being fuckedin both myholes, another first,and it feltgreat. I'm notsure how longthis went onbecause when heswitched on thevibrator I swearI orgasmed sohard I passedout for awhile. When Icame back tomy senses hestill had hiscock in myass and thevibrator in mypussy.

"Sure", Isaid. Why not?I didn't haveanything better todo. Otherwise, I'djust have togo back tomy car, driveto a restarea, and sleep.I was suretired of thatcar by now.

"Really?" Frankie asked,surprised. He foundit startling tohear her sayshe'd never donefor her husbandwhat she'd justdone to him."Not...not even with..."

Not in apleasant way, either.

Pulling out ofthe parking lot,Susan could feelthe last ofRick's fluid oozingout of hervery tender asshole.She knew shewas bruised andwould be sorefor days. Neverhad she beentaken as forcefully,or as skillfully,as Rick hadtaken her. Morethan ever sheenvied her friend…being able tohave that perfectcock any time,any day, allday and
allnight. Just thethought made Susan'slarge nipples hardagain.

After aminute or twoof arranging thefurniture to asatisfactory resemblance ofan office Paulsat himself inthe "Boss" chairand told thetwo girls togo and getchanged.

I saidnothing, sipped thescorching tea.

Afterbaring the lowerpart of mybody she kissedand licked mynavel. Then myslave ran hertongue through mypubic hair. Shelicked down mythigh and undermy balls tothe perineum. Thatarea between theballs and ass.After licking thereSue tongued andlicked my scrotumuntil it wassoaking wet. Openingher mouth wideshe took eachtesticle in separatelyand caressed itin her mouth.Then filling hermouth with salivashe allowed itto soak inher mouth asshe slowly movedher head around.

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"Goon honey buthurry back."

Iwhisper to you,"you are sohot God Ilove fucking yourcunt so much."

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